Rusty Quarters Arcade meets fundraising goal with hours to spare, will stay open

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On Facebook, Rusty Quarters' owners responded to meeting their fundraising goal with this message: "HOLY PAC-MAC PELLETS!!!!!!!!"
Last spring, Rusty Quarters needed to raise $3,000 in a short period of time to stay open. That donation drive was successful, but just a year later, Annie and Sage Spirtos, the wife-and-husband owners of the Lyn-Lake arcade, had to climb a steeper mountain to keep their fledging business afloat.

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In early March, citing high rent and declining business, the couple announced they needed to raise $8,000 by the end of May. The deadline was later moved up a month, and in recent days it looked as though Annie and Sage might fall just short. But last night, with just hours to spare, the fundraising goal was reached, and as of this morning Rusty Quarters had raised $8,520 with 19 hours still left in their Indiegogo campaign.

Anyone who has given $50 or does before the campaign ends tonight will receive a T-shirt emblazoned with Rusty Quarters' new logo (visible at the top of this post -- if you're interested in giving, click here for the Rusty Quarters Facebook page).

To be sure, it's a unique business model, but income is income regardless of whether it comes from folks playing games or devoted fans giving charitably.

Let's hope for everyone's sake that Rusty Quarters enjoys a strong year and doesn't have to fundraise again next spring, but Annie and Sage still face difficulties. In the March Indiegogo post where they announced this year's fundraising campaign, the Spirtoses wrote that their "RENT IS JUST TOO DAMN HIGH!" and said their lease runs through November of next year. In the same post, Annie and Sage wrote that the $8,000 they were trying to raise was for "compiled back rent."

"All we can do is try our best to get better attendance and keep Rusty Quarters open for 2 more years until we can find a larger place with cheaper rent, a proper HVAC system, running water and a grill," they wrote.

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