Same-sex marriage applications will be available June 6 in Hennepin

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Photo: Tony Nelson.
Dayton signing the bill earlier this month.
Same-sex couples in Minneapolis looking to be among the first in the state to legally wed will be able to hold their ceremonies on Aug. 1, the day the gay marriage law goes into effect.

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Dayton signs gay marriage bill into law

After Gov. Mark Dayton signed the bill into law earlier this month, there was some confusion as to when the first couples would actually be able to marry. It usually takes five days to get a marriage license application approved, and it was unclear if the law allowed counties to start the application process earlier than the first day of August.

At a press conference this afternoon, Hennepin County officials will announce plans to begin accepting marriage applications from same-sex couples June 6.

On his blog, attorney Scott Landsman speculated that this decision would likely vary among registrars across the state. It's still unclear if all counties will interpret the law the same way, but the city of St. Paul has also publicly listed a same-sex wedding to take place Aug. 1.

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k2yeb topcommenter

To answer Josephs question....well...its called government. Its a business, scamming us all by using our tax dollars to fight unreasonable wars and spread their political agenda. If people really think Obama (who I voted for) really gives a crap about them....well....I don't even want to waste my time.

We wasted billions on something that was more tied to religion and ignorance than economic stimulus or equality. Its finally here, but your government is still the government it used to be. Homosexuality has always existed and always will just like government control. We are the Britain we revolted against.

Joseph Bartel
Joseph Bartel

Maybe the real question should be, why do people need an application to marry someone they love?

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