St. Paul's wedding website IDs gay couple who may be first to marry in the city [IMAGE]

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"Saint Paul welcomes same-sex couples to tie the knot in Minnesota's capital city," the city's website says.
In the wake of love becoming the law in Minnesota, the city of St. Paul quickly overhauled its I Do St. Paul website to make it gay friendly.

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"With the passing of the Freedom to Marry act, Saint Paul is now strongly positioned to offer our complimentary services to same sex couples and bring even more people to Minnesota's beautiful capital city," the website says. "It is important for same sex couples to know they are welcomed in Saint Paul for their big day and that they, their family and friends will receive the same top level of service from our hospitality community that all wedding couples receive on their big day."

The site also identifies the gay couple who may end up being the first to marry in the city -- Reid Bordson and Paul Nolle. Here's what the site says about their Como Park wedding plans (click to enlarge -- h/t: The Line):


While Hennepin County officials have been noncommittal about what day will be the first where gay couples can get married in Minneapolis, I Do St. Paul unequivocally states that it'll be August 1 in Ramsey County. It's something to keep in mind if you're gay, in the market to get married as soon as possible, and don't have a strong preference between the Como Park Conservatory and the Cowles Conservatory at the Walker Art Center.

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