Twin Cities rated the most healthy and fit metro for the third year in a row [GRAPHIC]

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You're looking at the country's healthiest metro.
According to the American Fitness Index, the Twin Cities is the healthiest metro area in all of America for the third year running (pun intended).

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The ranking, which was put together by health and medical experts, is based on a variety of data, including smoking rates, exercise, obesity rates, chronic health problems, access to health care, availability of parks, recreational facilities, walking and bike trails, and farmers' markets.

In a USA Today report, Walt Thompson, chairman of the advisory board who created the index and a professor of exercise physiology at Georgia State University in Atlanta, praises Minneapolis for "brilliantly" putting the city's resources "where residents can use them effectively to maintain a high level of physical activity."

In particular, Thompson pointed out that the amount Minneapolis spends per capita on parks ($227) is twice as much as many other cities.

Here's a USA Today graphic showing the order of the 25 fittest cities according to the Fitness Index numbers (click to enlarge):


We're especially fit and healthy and one of these months it should be warm enough to show it off at the Lake Calhoun beaches. Of course, it's no coincidence they're easily accessible via bike and jogging trails.

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