Timberwolves reportedly eyeing Block E for new practice facility

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Block E then and now. In its next iteration, it could move from Gameworks to game work.
A downtrodden black hole of a real estate development and a struggling, seemingly snakebitten professional sports franchise -- some might say it's a perfect match.

THE BACKSTORY: Block E blight: There's only one business left inside

According to a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal report, the Timberwolves are eyeing Block E for a new practice facility and their corporate offices, both of which are currently housed inside the Target Center structure.

The Wolves are still trying to hash out a $100 million Target Center renovation deal with the city, but team officials are expected to turn their attention to upgrading their antiquated practice and corporate facilities afterward. And the Business Journal, citing unnamed real estate sources, said the team is "looking seriously" at a Block E deal that could involve turning the former third-floor movie theater space into basketball courts.

It's not exactly what the city had in mind when it shelled out some of the $170 million it took to develop Block E into the structure that used to house Applebees, the Hard Rock Cafe, Borders, Hooters, Gameworks, and other now-closed businesses, but it's probably better than nothing, right?

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