Twin Cities' median income among highest in nation

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The Twin Cities had a higher median income in 2011 than New York, L.A., or Chicago.
According to the most recent government data, the median income in the Twin Cities is among the nation's highest, unadjusted for cost of living.

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The median income ranking, put together by Minnesota Compass, comes on the heels of other studies showing that Minnesota has a historically hot job market and was among America's leaders is personal income growth last year. In sum, Minnesota's economy -- in the Twin Cities particularly -- appears to be humming along quite nicely, though it's another question whether that sound is perceptible to job seekers.

Here's the list of the top cities for median incomes:

Minnesota Compass

With the state as a whole among the nation's leaders in personal income growth in 2012, it's a good bet the Twin Cities' median income ranking will be strong again next year. It's something to keep in mind next time you're thinking of bolting for New York or L.A.

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