Twins OF Wilkin Ramirez upset after he fails to recite months backward, gets placed on DL

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The Twins' medical staff is apparently better at diagnosing concussions than Ramirez gave them credit for.
On Saturday, Twins outfielder Wilkin Ramirez collided with Josh Willingham's jaw as both of them tried to catch a pop fly during a game in Detroit.

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After the game, Ramirez was given a concussion test. He failed and was placed on the seven-day concussion-related disabled list. But in a humorous twist, Ramirez said the reason he flunked the test was because he couldn't recite the months backward, and he was none too happy about the Twins' decision to shelve him for a week for such an allegedly silly reason.

Regarding the recite-the-months-backward question, Ramirez told reporters, "I don't know them forwards. I don't know them in Spanish or any way."

"I feel the same [as before the collision]," he said on Sunday. "I don't think it was right to go on the DL. I don't know... I'm very disappointed right now."

Ramirez went as far as to chew out Gardy and said he was going to discuss his options with Glen Perkins, the Twins' players' union representative, but after he vomited on the team's flight to Milwaukee, he was singing a different tune.

"I guess the doctor was right," Ramirez said Monday morning at Milwaukee's Miller Park, according to the Pioneer Press. "I really have to apologize for what I said [Sunday]. I thought I was fine. That's why he's the doctor."

Meanwhile, Willingham reportedly tried to console Ramirez by saying he's unable to recite the months backward regardless of whether or not he's concussed, but as Perkins pointed out, Willingham has an excuse -- he's from Alabama.

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