Watch 15 inches of snow fall on Owatonna in two minutes [TIME-LAPSE VIDEO]

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Okay, you've been giving us the finger all "spring," or whatever we're calling it these days. We get the (snow) drift.
It's May 3 in Minneapolis and it's snowing. Most of us regard that as an unfortunate development, but it's nothing compared to what happened in Owatonna Wednesday night into Thursday.

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Over the course of that evening, 15 inches of snow fell in and around the southern Minnesota town. One resident filmed the carnage with a camera looking into the frontyard of his house, then converted it into a time-lapse video for the rest of us to enjoy from the warmth of our still-being-artificially-heated-in-early-May-what-the-hell homes.

Here it is:

Dear weather gods: We better have warm and sunny days well into November this year. You owe us, dammit.

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