Adrian Peterson told Lions LB about the "juice" he was using last season

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AP's preferred PED is supernatural in origin.
Adrian Peterson recently told CBS that when the Vikings played in Detroit last season, a Lions linebacker asked him whether he'd used performance-enhancing drugs to come back so quickly and remarkably from the devastating knee injury he suffered at the end of the 2011 season.

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Peterson said that in fact, he had. But it wasn't testosterone or HGH. In Peterson's opinion, he was on something even stronger.

"Man, it's a lot of prayer," Peterson told the Lions linebacker. "The juice of God."

Peterson apparently upped his dosage of God juice before the second Vikings-Lions tilt, because during that game ran for 171 yards, including a sick 61-yard 4th-quarter TD run he punctuated by playfully slapping a boy in the face during his celebration.

Peterson told CBS he regards the PED talk as "a compliment."

"I guess I am performing that well that people think I'm juicing, that I am taking something," Peterson said. "That really shows me how much God has blessed me to be able to come back and play the way I played."

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The LB was just looking for an excuse to give his coach for AP making the entire Detroit defense look like a middle school b-team.

CinBlueland topcommenter

AR, What's with the hate articles on AP of late? What he's not Kluwe? He's an elite athlete looking to do his thing for the 7-10 year career he has. He's never come out as an advocate, sponsor, activist.. Nothing. 

It's like you asking a question of the manager of Subway what his thoughts were on any topic.. Nobody cares, make my sandwich, run the ball thank you very much. 

At least he's not being arrested for anything, which is a welcome change.

Derek McMorrow
Derek McMorrow

ah yes, god.. if not for god, the vikings still would have lost the season.....

ReedFischer moderator

Significantly different from "Jesus Juice."

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