Andrew Sandstrom criminal complaint: Apartment was so disgusting, officer gagged

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Andrew Sandstrom (left) and his wife, Shayna (to his left).
:::: UPDATE :::: Andrew Sandstrom's wife is a member of "the PILL KILLS"

We've obtained the criminal complaint detailing the circumstances surrounding the second-degree manslaughter charge levied against Moorhead father of six Andrew Sandstrom, whose 5-month-old daughter died after he accidentally left her in a hot van for four hours earlier this month.

-- Andrew Sandstrom charged with manslaughter for leaving baby in hot van [MUGSHOT]
-- Baby dies after being left unattended in minivan for four hours

According to the document, the apartment Sandstrom, 24, shared with his 27-year-old wife Shayna and their children was so disgusting, it caused a police officer to gag.

On the evening of June 11, the first officers responding to the Sandstroms' apartment found 5-month-old Christiana's body on the floor with her siblings "yelling and screaming while standing around" her. Christiana's "arms and hands were elevated in the air and appeared to be stiff" and she was declared dead on the scene.

An officer then inspected the apartment. Here, straight from the criminal complaint, is what he saw (click to enlarge):


The criminal complaint also indicates concerns about the condition of the Sandstroms' apartment and their children's welfare were reported to authorities in September 2010, January 2011, and November 2012. In 2010 and 2011, authorities entered the apartment and found it in largely the same sad state it was in earlier this month. (To read the entire complaint, click here.)

Last week, a judge ordered the Sandstroms' remaining five children be placed in foster care.

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