Andrew Sandstrom's wife is a member of "the PILL KILLS" anti-birth control group

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Andrew Sandstrom (left) and his wife, Shayna (to his left).
Andrew Sandstrom, 24, and his 27-year-old wife Shayna have five kids. They had six, but tragically, their youngest died earlier this month after Andrew accidentally left her in a hot minivan for hours. Their remaining children were placed in foster care after their Moorhead apartment was found to contain "extreme filth" and be "unsafe for the other children."

THE BACKSTORY: Andrew Sandstrom criminal complaint: Apartment was so disgusting, officer gagged

Six kids is a lifetime's worth of procreation for anybody, let alone a couple who have barely hit 50 years of age combined, but the Sandstroms' remarkable birth-giving pace makes some sense in light of the fact Shayna is a member of "the PILL KILLS" Facebook group.

The "About" section of "the PILL KILLS" page asserts that the birth control pill kills "women, babies, marriages, families, and even the environment."

"Oftentimes the pill leads to cardiovascular problems which can result in death," the group's webpage adds. "Studies show that most women who have died from the use of the pill or other birth control products have died from blood clots, heart attacks, or pulmonary embolisms."

"Simple? Sure. Convenient? Depends. SAFE? NO WAY!" the site continues, citing a handful of anecdotes from women who allegedly became sick or died because of the pill.

In fact, WebMD notes that the pill "can be taken safely by most women."

"Yes, there are side effects of birth control pills, although the majority are not serious," WebMD continues.

In a similar vein, a Mayo Clinic FAQ about the pill says, "Scientific evidence suggests using birth control pills for longer periods of time increases your risk of some cancers, such as cervical cancer and liver cancer, but it also decreases your risk of other types of cancer, including ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer." The FAQ goes on to list the minor side effects that might be experienced by women on the pill.

Her feelings about the pill aside, Shayna apparently has other reasons for giving birth to so many kids at such a young age.

In March, she posted Psalm 127:3 on her Facebook page. It reads, "Lo, children are an heritage [sic] of the Lord: the fruit of the womb is his reward."

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Drewey topcommenter

She's exactly as smart as I assumed she was.

Sebastian Galdames
Sebastian Galdames

Maybe if they were not so ignorant and used birth control to Prevent pregnancy he may have fewer kids and would have been able to pay a little more attention.

Curtis Meyer
Curtis Meyer

Please have your idiots spayed and neutered.

Samantha Steinbring
Samantha Steinbring

First, can we talk about this? "their youngest died earlier this month after Andrew accidentally left her in a hot minivan for hours"


@atrupar @mitchell39 Only reason I said anything is that I think crime reporters, and all reporters, really, should always look at the social media/online presence of principals, especially when they're freaks. It often turns out to be a gold mine.

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