Appeals Court upholds Amy Senser conviction; she "knew she hit either a person or a vehicle"

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More than a year after a jury found Amy Senser guilty of two felony counts of criminal vehicular homicide, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has denied Senser's petition to overturn her conviction.

In her appeal, Senser argued that the trial court made several legal and discretionary errors that affected the verdict, and additionally, that the state failed to prove that she knew she hit a person when she ran over Anousone Phanthavong.

The appeals court, however, unanimously disagreed.

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"Only one reasonable conclusion can be drawn," Judge Margaret Chutich wrote in the majority opinion for the three-judge panel, released on Monday morning. "Senser knew she hit either a person or a vehicle on the Riverside ramp that night."

Though the district court erred in admitting hearsay evidence and in failing to disclose a note from the jury, "the errors had no effect on the jury's verdict," the appeals court found. "Senser received a fair trial."

In August 2011, Senser, the wife of former Minnesota Viking Joe Senser, ran over Phanthavong with her Mercedes SUV on an I-94 exit ramp, and then drove away. Over a week later, she came forward as the driver, but denied knowing that she hit someone. At trial, she testified that she thought she had struck a pothole or a traffic cone.

Since July 2012, she has been serving her three-and-a-half-year prison sentence at a facility in Shakopee.

Read the full opinion here.

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Meg Nathan
Meg Nathan

3 years for driving while impaired, hitting someone and callously leaving the scene without calling for help? She's darn lucky I wasn't the prosecutor!

Dave Salmonson
Dave Salmonson

Joe will probably throw another temper tantrum about how this is SOooo unfair. And this has nothing to do with his restaurant/bar failing, it is because of the downturn in the economy.


I don't know about you, but if I accidentally killed someone, I'd feel awful, and I'd put my big girl panties on and deal with the consequences. I'm glad this was a unanimous vote - the message is clear. 

Susie Quarstad
Susie Quarstad

Good, it is insulting that she cannot just admit fault of what she did. She deserves to be in jail.

Carla DeMarrias
Carla DeMarrias

She needs to suck it up and realize that she KILLED a person, and she also needs to admit her mistake.

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