Bradlee Dean's street team members smacked by irate, bag-toting woman [VIDEO]

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Dean's minions received a less than friendly welcome at a Florida gas station earlier this month.
Bradlee Dean and his You Can Run But You Cannot Hide "ministry" landed in hot water last summer for conducting shady fundraising at an Iowa Hy-Vee store.

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A year later, members of Dean's troupe are hanging out at gas stations in Florida, again trying to raise funds so Bradlee can disseminate his message of antipathy for homosexuals, Muslims, and liberals. And at least one woman is very unhappy to see them there.

The woman -- a self-proclaimed teacher of the U.S. Constitution -- started arguing with two members of Dean's street team about whether the document actually contains a passage stipulating the separation of church and state. But she lost her cool when one of Dean's underlings allegedly tried to take a photo of her, then went after him with her purse when she exited the gas station and saw Dean's associates standing near her car.

Here's the footage:

A WND report about the incident contains the following colorful quote from Dean himself, who's apparently undeterred despite the myriad troubles his ministry has encountered in Iowa and Florida.

"As I travel this awesome God-given nation, I come up with the same conclusion every event I am part of," Bradlee said. "The majority of Americans share the conservative Judeo-Christian values I fight for. We can win this culture war when we fight together. It is leadership we are lacking in our cause, someone willing to risk reputation to set the precedent that our silent majority is waiting to join."

Bradlee Dean: winning the culture war one ditch-side speech at a time.

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green23 topcommenter

Deanery lies about virtually everything involving his 'ministry'.

He lies about the ages and 'credentials' of his 'ministers'. He lies about how much of the money his 'ministers' collect really just goes into their own pockets. He lies about what the money will be spent on. He lies to schools about the content of his 'presentations'.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

With leaders like this its no wonder the conservative movement is in shambles populated by bigots, idiots, and con men.    Bradlee Dean is just another con man that uses bigotry to trick idiots into giving him money.  They have lost the war of ideas.  They will be ignored and marginalized in the coming years.  Gay equality has won, these are just the dead enders that haven't gotten the message yet.   Lucky for America as they drown they are grabbing the Republican Party and dragging them under too.   Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, and the rest of the idiot brigade is good at being annoying and shocking but not at actually getting anything done.  Read the comments of conservatives on this blog.  Do any of them make fact based smart points?   It's all just racist screams, fact free raving, and insults.   That's why Obama was the first politician to lose the money race yet still win.  The majority of America does not view Republicans as credible leaders.    

swmnguy topcommenter

Bradlee Dean...S[haking] M[y] H[ead].

He's a great fit for World Net Daily, which is an openly fascist, racist, and religious-bigoted website.  These folks--all of them; Dean, WND, etc.--have a dark and scary world view.  Everyone is out to get them all the time.  They're always the victims.  They have the right to do whatever they want and pester people relentlessly, but if anyone even stands up for their own rights not to be bothered, much less disagrees with these people's bizarre self-worship, they've been horribly discriminated against.

One of the funnier things about Bradlee Dean is how he makes sure he's always identified as a "Rock Star."  I suppose that sounds better than "Mendacious, bullying narcissist who gets off on terrorizing kids," which is a much more accurate description.  His antics in the schools in Iowa are pretty scary.  If we didn't let people get away with almost anything if they use religion as an excuse, he would be up on charges for what he did there.

Kathy Drews
Kathy Drews

whatever, she shoulda smacked him harder to knock some sense into his narrow minded brain. damn, I hate this crap.

green23 topcommenter

@swmnguy  Gotta agree. What Dean doesn't realise is that this 'freedom' he is agitating for would allow other people to go into schools and have mandatory assemblies with 'presentations' about how bad Dean is. 

No school is required to drop everything and gather their students together every time some flake somewhere in the country has some 'wisdom' that they want to impart to a captive audience.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@green23 @swmnguy I just remember when I was a teen how I felt about assemblies.   If I saw some fat doofus with a pony tail come onto stage and start talking about Jesus I would know this is the exactly the opposite of how I want to be.  I bet he makes way more liberal Atheists than Christian converts.  

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