Chris Kluwe offers fond farewell to Minnesota

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Chris Kluwe on the cover of City Pages last fall.
After more than eight years in Minnesota, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is leaving for good.

For anyone who has followed him on Twitter, Kluwe has for years been one of the most interesting personalities on the team. He's now known best for his aggressive stance in favor of gay rights, but the 31-year-old has long been willing to publicly take a controversial position, whether the subject be dangerous field conditions or the Occupy movement.

COVER: Game Changer: Chris Kluwe takes a stand
Gay marriage groups feuded behind the scenes of amendment campaign

Today, Minnpost published a farewell letter from Kluwe to Minnesota, in which Kluwe says he's "super bummed-out" to be leaving for Oakland, and reminisces about his fond memories of living here.

From the letter:

I knew I would leave Minnesota with all the memories eight and a half years allows you to accumulate. The delicious meals at Spice Thai in Burnsville, where they knew my order before I would even place it. The music recorded at Flowers Studio in south Minneapolis with my band, long days spent trying to capture that elusive spark of creation. Anniversary filets at Manny's, and birthday sushi at Seven -- Christmas trips to the Mall of America searching for that one perfect gift. The sight of the city skyline in the distance as I would get on 35W from Savage, heading downtown to stay at the Hilton the night before a game, talking with the security guards as we took the elevator up to the team floor. Softball games, paintball matches, zoo trips and everything else.

Kluwe admits that he never thought much about Minnesota before joining the Vikings, but says he will "miss everything" and "remember it all." Read the full letter here.

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Don't worry Chris.  Oakland will treat you right.  I moved here 6 years ago, I really miss my friends, but the weather and culture can't be beat!

kennyX topcommenter

Wasn't the Attention Whore supposed to be the Grand Marshal at the Pride parade on Sunday?

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

We will miss you Chris.  Great player, great person.  

Jolene Painter
Jolene Painter

He was on Andy Bravo the other night..his guest bartender Andy introduced him as a Raider. I was like "um..huh?" I did not know he was traded/released and picked up. Whatever he was



Too rich - a guy with a crotch-level bare chested signature photo calls a pro footballer an Attention Whore. Its a middling insult, but begs the question, can there be an Irony Whore?

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@David Olson lol you homophobic bigots are so angry these days.  Have fun living a hate filled bitter tiny life.  

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