Fred Smoot coins unforgettable term for Bryant McKinnie's "Love Boat" cunnilingus

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Yesterday, Fred Smoot held a Reddit "ask me anything" session. And of course, the first question he received was about the starring role he played in the 2005 Vikings "Love Boat" scandal.

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After calling the boat party "overrated," Smoot coined an unforgettable new term to describe Bryant McKinnie's shenanigans during that fateful cruise on Lake Minnetonka.

Here's the unedited transcript (to read the entire Q and A, click here):
NotARageComic: Was the love boat worth it?

FredSmoot21: Man, everybody asks me something about that damn boat, and u know what the crazy thing is? that party was so overrated! story completely blown out of proportion! I don't know if I would say it was worth it but I wouldn't change anything in my past.

NotARageComic: I heard Bryant McKinnie picked a girl up, put her on the bar and ate her out on the bar and that's overrated?!?

You throw some crazy parties.

FredSmoot21: we call that runnin through the okra patch!
Recall that Smoot, according to a criminal complaint, was seen on the Love Boat "holding a double-headed dildo and moving the dildo while each end was inserted into the vagina of two women who were laying on the floor near the lounge area of the charter boat."

Man, if only cell phone cameras existed back then!

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I'd like to see McKinnie do the same with Catherine Zeta-Jones....

ElRoy LeRoy
ElRoy LeRoy

Come on, Rupar! I don't see you writing anything about Favre and his "shenanigans"! No one gives a half a shit about Fred Smoot! Try smearing someone that isn't a person of color for once!!! I guess it's easier targeting black sports players in a state that has so few people of color!


@ElRoy LeRoy Um... First, there were *plenty* of stories about favre back when it was news.  Trust me on this one.  For a couple of weeks, CP couldn't go one day without mention it.  Second, the reason this is being brought up now is because Smoot himself recently called attention to it on a very popular online forum.

You're barking up the wrong tree here buddy.

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