Gary Schiff bows out of mayoral race

Schiff is throwing his support behind fellow councilmember Betsy Hodges.
Gary Schiff officially pulled out of the Minneapolis mayoral race Wednesday afternoon.

Schiff's announcement comes after a difficult weekend on the campaign trail. On the floor of the endorsement convention Saturday, the Minneapolis Fire Department pulled its support from Schiff, instead backing Mark Andrew. On Monday, Schiff's campaign manager told City Pages he would be leaving the campaign.

All candidates still in race after convention

Schiff is endorsing fellow City Councilmember Betsy Hodges, according to the Star Tribune. Following the announcement, Hodges quickly released a statement expressing gratitude for Schiff's support.

"I thank Gary for his unswerving commitment to the city of Minneapolis and congratulate him for running a strong campaign for mayor," she says in the statement. "I thank Gary for his support of my campaign and look forward to working together with him to build a progressive 21st Century City."

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