Gluek's bouncer says MPD officers taunted William Davis after he was assaulted outside bar

Officers weren't interested in coming to Davis's aid or chasing after the suspects who allegedly assaulted him, a witness says.
Around closing time Sunday morning, Gluek's bouncer Chris Welton heard yelling and fighting outside the bar and went to see what was going on. Once outside, he says he saw William Davis on the ground.

Davis, who Welton doesn't know personally, had apparently just been beaten up. His girlfriend was standing nearby and crying, and bystanders pointed toward two men who they said were responsible for the assault.

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Welton saw two cops sitting in a SUV squad parked along First Avenue across the parking lot from where the assault occurred. As the suspects approached the bar entrance where he and others were standing, Welton says he yelled out to the cops in hopes they'd help out. But the officers didn't chase after the suspects, who ran past Gleuk's, down the street, and into the night.

According to Welton's account of events, as the suspects fled, Davis scraped himself off the ground and approached the squad.

"They were screaming back and forth, one of the cops called [Davis] a 'fucking pussy' and said, 'If you weren't such a little bitch that wouldn't happen to you,'" Welton said, adding that he pulled Davis -- who was tipsy, dazed and upset -- away from the squad.

"I told [the cops], 'Protect and serve? Do your fucking job,'" Welton continued. "One of them said something back to me, and then they floored it and took off."

Welton said both he and another bouncer took note of the squad SUV's plate number. We've passed that information along to the MPD.

Welton, 28, has been bouncing at Gluek's for about a year and says bar employees generally have a positive relationship with police. He said there's rarely problems requiring police assistance at the bar -- "It's a good, chill vibe. People are just there to have fun," he said -- but when issues have arisen, officers have generally responded professionally.

In this case, however, he characterized the behavior of the two officers as "totally inappropriate."

"They weren't going to do anything," he said.

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