Gun rights group plans to pack heat at Open Streets

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The Carry Forum wants to give a 2nd Amendment flavor to this year's Open Streets events.
:::: UPDATE :::: Twin Cities Gun Owners cancel "Open Streets -- Open Carry" events

The Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum is planning a string of "Open Streets -- Open Carry" events this summer.

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"As part of our ongoing mission to showcase 'pro-active visibility' of law abiding gun owners, we're taking advantage of meeting up during this series of five public events planned by another organization ("Open Streets Minneapolis"), but we're adding our own twist by encouraging 'open carry' for pro-active, positive visibility of law abiding gun owners participating in normal social activity... Like normal people!" a post on the Carry Forum's Facebook page says.

"These are highly public events that will have large public attendance and media coverage. This is a great opportunity for us to positively interact, so put your best foot forward," the post continues.

In other words, please don't shoot anybody, you guys!

Here's a flyer the Carry Forum is distributing with more information about the get-togethers, which are described as "NOT 'rallies' or 'protests.' It's simply friends and new friends meeting for social activity. Period."


Heat-packing bicyclists: It's like the Wild West meets Portlandia.

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