Hennepin County painted over Midtown Greenway mural

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Since they hadn't issued a permit for the mural, Hennepin County officials began covering it up.
Earlier today, Hennepin County came clean as the entity responsible for painting over the Midtown Greenway mural near Sunrise Cyclery.

THE BACKSTORY: Somebody whitewashed Midtown Greenway mural [PHOTOS]

In fact, the only reason the mural wasn't totally whitewashed is because workers ran out of paint. But Hennepin County officials say their painting crew has "been instructed to leave the mural as-is while we work with Minneapolis and the artist on next steps."

In an email to City Pages, Midtown Greenway Coalition Executive Director Soren Jensen explained that the Greenway wall on which the mural was painted is owned the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority. The Railroad Authority "were not asked for a permit for that mural, so their crews thought it was graffiti," Jensen continued.

A Hennepin County Government Facebook post explains the mixup in more detail:
In light of recent posts about Midtown Greenway murals:

Permits for murals on the Midtown Greenway are issued by the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority (hcrra@co.hennepin.mn.us). Any request to install art on the Midtown Greenway, or anywhere in Minneapolis, goes through the Minneapolis Arts Commission (https://www.facebook.com/MPLArtsComm) prior to the HCRRA granting a permit.

We are aware of the most recent incident of painting over a mural at Blaisdell. Our graffiti crew painted over it because it was not a permitted mural. Somewhat fortunately, the crew ran out of paint mid-job and have been instructed to leave the mural as-is while we work with Minneapolis and the artist on next steps.
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