Hopkins High School cheerleader allegedly prostituted 16-year-old teammate

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Parker allegedly pimped out a fellow cheerleader after the girl said she was looking for ways to make extra money.
Montia Parker, an 18-year-old senior at Hopkins High School, faces felony charges for allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old teammate of hers on the cheerleading team.

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Authorities say the alleged victim, who requires special assistance at school due to a cognitive disability, was talking about ways to make extra money with her fellow cheerleaders on March 1 when one of them raised the idea of giving men oral sex for money. The girl said she thought the conversation was a joke, but two days later she received a followup Facebook message from Parker.

The Star Tribune, citing the criminal complaint, reports that Parker asked the girl to send pictures that were "not too nasty but kinda cute." The girl complied, and within days an online sex ad was created in her name, with calls and emails from prospective johns being routed to Parker's phone.

Then, on March 5, Parker allegedly texted the girl and asked her to leave school. Parker even cleared the girl's departure with Hopkins High officials by calling and pretending to be her mom.

According to the alleged victim's version of events, that day, she got into a car with Parker and two other girls. Fox 9, also citing the complaint, reports that Parker drove them to an apartment building in Crystal where she told the girl, "You're up!"

"Charging documents state that Parker instructed the victim to go to a specific apartment and perform oral sex on the man inside for $60," the Fox report continues. "The teen did so and returned with cash which was later deposited directly into Parker's bank account without payment to the victim, police say."

The next day, the girl again left school with Parker. This time, they headed up to a Brooklyn Park home. There, Parker allegedly asked the girl to have vaginal sex with a man, but she refused.

According to the complaint, Parker urged her to reconsider.

"You'll be fine -- I didn't drive up here for nothing, and eventually you will need to have sex," Parker told her. But the girl still refused, and eventually Parker drove her back to Hopkins High.

The girl's mother began to notice changes in her daughter's behavior around this time and checked out her text message log. She found threads about prostitution between Parker and her daughter and contacted authorities.

Parker was read her Miranda rights on April 4 and admitted she knew the girl from cheerleading and had created the online ad for her. Parker told authorities she received "a lot of calls" from clients seeking unprotected sex and confirmed what the alleged victim had already told investigators about the Crystal and Brooklyn Park trips, Fox reports.

According to the Strib, Parker was booked into jail late last month and posted bond. She faces charges of sex trafficking and promoting prostitution that could land her behind bars for 20 years.

As news of the charges circulated, officials at Hopkins High School released this statement:
Although these events did not occur on school grounds, these charges are very serious. When we learned of them, we acted immediately to ensure the safety of all Hopkins High School students. In responding to this incident, we followed our discipline and safety policy, which includes permanently removing a student from campus. Whether an incident occurs on our campus or not, student safety is always our top priority
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Haha! This story is on the national news now. 


If the victim wanted to earn money the honest and legal way, why didn't she just do what all those girls do: Get knocked up and get on the Government dole.  


I wonder why you didn't mention that this was done through Backpage.com? Seems like a pretty important fact.

Gabriel Millerd
Gabriel Millerd

and the girl was challenged it seems, likely a lot of other charges to be hard here.


What disgusts me even more so is that a young woman would exploit and victimize another young woman, let alone a woman with a cognitive disability. I hope Montia Parker gets punished to the fullest extent of the law for her crimes.


They should probably track down the two Johns.  Since she knows the address.  The Crystal guy got a BJ from a 16 yr old. 

Kathy Drews
Kathy Drews

Shameful. Just shameful. That a young person victimizes another human being. How did she set this in her mind that its ok?

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