I-94 traffic snarled by "serious accident" involving multiple injuries [PHOTOS]

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Photos via Police Clips
A heavily trafficked stretch of I-94 is closed following a serious accident.
-- 1:15 p.m. update -- I-94 eastbound is now fully reopened --

Traffic on westbound I-94 near just east of Rogers is ground to a halt following a 10 a.m. accident involving two vehicles.

Details are scant at this point, but according to the State Patrol, five people were injured in the "serious accident," with two of them requiring an air ambulance to take them for medical treatment.

As of shortly after noon, I-94 westbound was closed between MN 101 (near Dayton) and I-494 (near Maple Grove).

The severity of injuries sustained during the wreck is unknown at this point.

Here's another photo from traffic cams showing an air ambulance leaving the scene:


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The van blew a tire.....had nothing to do with reaction time or not paying attention.

Noel Barrick
Noel Barrick

Wrong. When you drive too close behind other cars, it makes the car in front of you speed up. Reaction time is for sissies. Make the driver of the car in front of you irritated and tail so close you can count their eyelashes in their rear-view mirror. The extra seconds you may potentially save is worth it.

Loretta Ann
Loretta Ann

Wow! Not missing MN so much right now!


I have been stuck on that stretch of I-94 for hours at a dead stop before due to an accident in the southbound lanes.


Drivers were mesmerized by the appearance of a large glowing orb in the sky that radiated heat everywhere.

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