James O'Keefe creeps out Ana Marie Cox on Twitter

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James O'Keefe creeping on Ana Marie Cox
It's not a state secret that original Wonkette Ana Marie Cox now makes her home in Minnesota. And apparently, one of the creepiest guys on the internet is using that to his advantage.

Remember James O'Keefe III? When last we left him, he was pulling gross dildo pranks on CNN reporters and pleading guilty to reduced charges for not-really bugging a New Orleans Congresswoman's office.

Now, the charming Mr. O'Keefe is creeping on ladies via Twitter.

Here's the entire, creepy exchange:
If Ana Marie Cox goes missing in the next few weeks, James O'Keefe's house would be a good place to start the search ...

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swmnguy topcommenter

James O'Keefe is a telling phenomenon.  I had been unaware of the "III" after his name, but whatever.  It only improves on his douchery, which in his case is gilding the lily indeed.

O'Keefe is the best the right wing can come up with in terms of Michael Moore.  Now, I have my differences with Moore.  I believe Moore is a naive, or possibly cynical, partisan Democrat.  But Moore has done important work highlighting key issues in American life which are ignored by the corporate media.

O'Keefe, on the other hand, is the very image of a giggling sociopathic frat-boy rapist.  And I say that not as invective, but rather as a description of his own actions and behavior, as described by he himself.  He is also a criminal, having wiretapped a US Senator, and mis-identified and mis-represented himself numerous times.  He is by his own actions a perjurer and a slanderer; editing video in misleading ways and making false claims about what is portrayed.

And all the Democrat loyalists better not huff an puff too much about this sadistic sociopath.  Democrats dived at the chance to accept O'Keefe's forged hit-piece against ACORN.  He was the dude who dressed up like a pimp and made a fake video claiming ACORN was helping child prostitute trafficking?  Well, the Democrats were more than happy to accept his filth to help stamp out ACORN.  Because at the time, ACORN was pointing out the massive fraud and malfeasance in the housing finance industry, which was massively subsidizing both factions of the Corporate Party, and ACORN was starting to inconvenience the Corporate democrats as much as the Corporate republicans.

The fact that a proven fraud who thinks rape is funny and openly hates poor people, black people, Central American people and women of any race; this is the Right's best excuse for an "Investigative Journalist?"  His nakedly forged and faked videos are the Right's best excuse for "Investigative Journalism?"  Truly the most damning indictment of the American Right that can be made.  And look at the vermin who defend and promote this guy.  By their deeds shall you know them.

If James O'Keefe's body were fished out of a lock-and-dam turbine tomorrow morning, I'd feel bad for the Asian Carp.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@swmnguy  Since ACORN only got about 10-15% of its funds from government sources I'd say your conspiracy needs work.  The primary source of ACORNs funding was from donations.   Since O'Keefe and the media lied about ACORN their private donations dried up which lead to the group's destruction.   There is no way you believe that the Dems were equally as gun-ho about destroying ACORN as the Republicans were.  Maybe its true some Dems jumped on the bandwagon but its hardly productive to let Republicans off the hook because a few Dems joined in.  Political parties are hardly perfect but pretending both sides are equally bad is what gave us President George W. Bush.   Al Gore isn't perfect but I doubt Gore would have killed thousands of people in New Orleans via stupidity.   Government is serious business and its foolish to pretend any person is going to make you happy 100% of the time.  The Democrats are the good guys.  There is no Michele Bachmanns in the Dems.  There are no Barack Obamas in the Republicans.  They are all evil corrupt stupid bigots.  Stop this game of pretending both sides are bad.  I don't want to be killed because Michael Browne is in charge of saving me.  


@Adam Wogen They're both people who have been long known to anyone who pays minimal attention to what's going on in the world. Furthermore, not only is there some explanation right here in this post, but more information is easily obtained through Google. I presume you wrote this as a way of portraying yourself as being all savvy and above-it-all and everything, (like, "I don't watch television"), but believe me, it had the opposite effect.

You know, you don't have to turn every thought that passes through your brain into a comment.

swmnguy topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann  Well, first of all I'm sure you and I can agree on James O'Keefe III.

What the Democrats allowed, and in some cases participated in, happening to ACORN was disgraceful.  You expect that from Republicans.  When your "friends" stab you in the back, is it to be overlooked because you thought they were your friends?

ACORN was not perfect.  It wasn't smart for them to go out on a limb, working to register voters for Democratic candidates.  ACORN was naive to think the Democrats would do anything but throw them to the dogs to blunt a momentary Republican political gambit.

Besides.  It had nothing to do with the government funding.  It was the overall donations which dried up, in the moment when the corporate media splashed O'Keefe's fake video all over and the Democrats said...nothing.  That time when all the oxygen was sucked out of the room killed ACORN.

My support of ACORN stems from the fact that I have 3 friends who live in their homes with their families today because of help they accessed from ACORN.  Nobody else was trying to help families stay in their homes in 2007-2008.  The Democrats were on board pretending there was no housing finance bubble, and no fraudulent predatory lending.  Heck, Angelo Mozillo, CEO of Countrywide, was as big a Democratic fundraiser as, oh, let's say Jon Corzine.  And just as worthy of an orange jumpsuit.  And just as scot-free today.

As for President Obama's assistance programs for borrowers in trouble, they are a travesty.  Absolutely worthless.  No follow-through.  No enforcement on lenders.  Clearly a cosmetic gesture at best, with no intention of being effective.  The entire economic policy of this administration is in service of the notion that Wall Street is the sum total of the economy, and everything else must come in second place.  It's a Reaganite policy even in its lip service to non-elite interests.

I'm not here to praise Republicans.  I'm here to bury corrupt Democrats.  I despise corrupt, evil Democrats more than Republicans, because I know what to expect from Republicans.  Once in a while I'm still fooled by Democrats.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@swmnguy  I agree with you for the most part.  I'm just saying you need to give the Dems more leeway.  I understand there is corrupt Dems but they only really exist because the Republican party is absolutely corrupt.  When one party is constantly doing the bidding of big oil and Wall Street it makes it easier for Dems to be swayed by money.   Even a corrupt Dem elected to office means we give Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, and Bernie Sanders more power.  The fact is most of what the Democrats do is good and will lead us to be a nation where everyone is treated better not just the 1%.  Pick your battles with the Dems is what I'm saying I guess.  We as a nation can not afford another George W. Bush.  The Republicans have gotten stupider and more unstable since his term in office.


@Patrick_Stephenson @mitchell39 This 'Adam' will never see the great response because his comment was posted via Facebook, and I doubt he has the capacity to type a different web address into his browser. 

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