Jordan neighborhood council to address high level of sex offenders

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Thirty-eight percent of level-three sex offenders live in two zip codes in north Minneapolis.
The Jordan Area Community Council is hosting a meeting Tuesday night to address the high density of level-three sex offenders living in north Minneapolis.

As of April, 38 percent of Hennepin County's 126 level-three sex offenders live in two zip codes on the North Side, according to JACC.

"Our question is, why is there so much density?" says JACC staff member Sandy'Ci Moua. "It really adds to the perception of north Minneapolis as an unlivable area, so that really drives away businesses and homeowners who could come in and drive up the livability of north Minneapolis. So it's really about shifting the perception of north Minneapolis, and to really look at equity."

Moua says the intention of the meeting isn't to drive anyone out of the neighborhood.

Attendees, according to a news release, will include City Councilmember Don Samuels, Rep. Joe Mullery, Rep. Raymond Dehn, and Sen. Bobby Joe Champion. Representatives from the Hennepin County Department of Corrections, the State Department, and the Minneapolis Police Department will also be present.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at the Regional Library at 1315 Lowry Ave. N. For more details, check JACC's website.

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