Justin Morneau snaps career-long homerless streak, high-fives imaginary teammates [VIDEO]

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Gardy reportedly told Morneau's teammates to rib him by ignoring him following his homer.
Last night, with a blast to right field, Justin Morneau finally snapped a career-long 168-at-bat homerless streak that dated back to late April.

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But after he finished his trot and returned the dugout, he was surprised his teammates weren't lined up to high-five him. So he took matters into his own hands and celebrated with some imaginary friends instead.

Here's the video:

Asked about his make-believe high-fives after the game, Morneau said, "You can stand there and look like an idiot or high-five the air like an idiot. I chose to high-five the air like an idiot. It was fun."

Morneau's homer was the 207th of his career, tying him with Kirby Puckett for fifth in Twins history.

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