Lung Association's Bob Moffitt looks forward to July, when cig taxes go up $1.60 per pack [INTERVIEW]

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"The American Lung Association doesn't have any position at all on alcohol tax. But I think sometimes the alcohol and fast food arguments are used as distractions," Moffitt said. "In any discussion on the health effects of tobacco, sooner or later someone jumps in and says, 'What about fast food and what about alcohol? They're much worse.' I try and steer them back and say, 'Yeah, but right now the topic is tobacco.'"

Moffitt also said the Lung Association hasn't yet taken a position on reforming Minnesota's marijuana laws, which promises to be a hot topic at the Capitol next session.

Finally, we asked Moffitt about e-cigarettes, which seem to be emerging as an increasingly popular way for smokers of traditional cigarettes to try to quit or get their nicotine fix without having to head outdoors.

"Well, we certainly don't recommend them as a healthy alternative to cigarettes," Moffitt said. "There's the concern that the e-cig industry is largely unregulated, we're not sure what's in some of these packets -- where they are being made, what sort of standards are they being held to? I certainly wouldn't want to put one of those things in my mouth."

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