Meg Tuthill continuing reelection campaign despite not having DFL backing

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Tuthill is one of four current council members who didn't secure the DFL endorsement this spring (along with Robert Lilligren, Sandy Colvin Roy, and Diane Hofstede).
Minneapolis City Council member Meg Tuthill promised to "suspend" her campaign if she didn't receive the DFL endorsement. Exactly what she meant is open for interpretation, but apparently "suspend" didn't mean end her reelection effort, as today Tuthill announced she'll be forging ahead despite the fact Lisa Bender has the party's backing.

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"I am running for re-election to the Minneapolis City Council because I am a proven leader," Tuthill says in a statement posted to her webpage. "Over the last month, I have been overwhelmed with calls, emails and visits and I have decided to restart and reenergize my campaign to continue leading the 10th Ward forward."

Tuthill took heat on her own Facebook page in the hour following her announcement from folks who think she should abide by the DFL endorsement (click to enlarge):


To read Tuthill's full statement, click to page two.

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