Mille Lacs police officer Russ Jude reassigned pending underage drinking investigation

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Photo: County Attorney Jan Jude, 17-year-old Bailey Hamilton (courtesy Mille Lacs Messenger).
Bailey was hospitalized with a .21 BAC after drinking on Jude's property.
The Mille Lacs Band has temporarily reassigned police officer Russ Jude pending an investigation into reports that minors were drinking at a party on his property last month.

Russ, who is married to Mille Lacs County Attorney Jan Jude, will work in an internal position while the Anoka County Sheriff's Department looks into the allegations.


Teen hospitalized with .21 BAC after partying at County Attorney Jan Jude's property
Mille Lacs Co Attorney: "I had no knowledge of any minors consuming alcohol on my property"

A band spokeman didn't return our calls, but here's a statement from the solicitor general, via the Mille Lacs Messenger:

"The Mille Lacs Band Police Department has reassigned Officer Russ Jude to an internal department position while the Anoka County Sheriff's Office continues its investigation regarding the events that occurred at the residence of the Mille Lacs County Attorney and a tribal police officer. The Mille Lacs Band Police Department will further review Officer Jude's status with the department pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Band has complete confidence that the Anoka County Sheriff's Office will conduct a thorough and non-biased investigation into the incident at the Jude residence. The Mille Lacs Band takes public safety concerns seriously and looks forward to the outcome of the investigation."

The subject of the investigation is a May 26 graduation party on Jude's property for Jan's daughter, Megan Kolb. Seventeen-year-old Bailey Hamilton was hospitalized with a .21 BAC after the party, unresponsive for six to seven hours, according to his mother.

Jan denies having any knowledge of minors drinking on her property until it was reported. "I knew of a small bonfire with my daughter's closest friends, and they were told that no alcohol would be tolerated," she told City Pages earlier this week.

[HT: Mille Lacs Messenger]

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