Minnesota Mist cancel rest of the season

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RIP, Minnesota Mist (2013-2013)
We were your home for Minnesota Mist coverage, but sadly, those halcyon days have come to an end.

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A source tells City Pages that the Mist, along with the entire Beautiful Ballers league, have canceled the rest of the 2013 reason.

The Mist were initially supposed to be part of something called the Bikini Basketball Association, but team owner Tamara Moore grew uncomfortable with the idea of scantily clad players jumping and running up and down the floor and decided to switch leagues.

That was apparently a bad decision -- unlike the Mist, it appears the four teams in the BBA still have games scheduled next month. But hindsight, of course, is always 20/20.

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What a shame, the jumping up and down in their bikinis was the best part! 

Ryan Siverson
Ryan Siverson

The team owner had reservations, talk about your ultimate buyer's remorse.


@Betsy Pavlica  - Meh, the kids are alright.

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