MNGOP Sen. David Hann says there wasn't enough talk about gay marriage bill

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Hann thinks gay marriage "will have far-reaching effects on our culture," and he doesn't think the impact will be positive.
In a story in the Morrison County Record, Senate Minority Leader David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, says he thinks the Legislature should have spent more time talking about gay marriage.

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Maybe we're jaded by how much we covered "conversations" surrounding the marriage amendment and then the marriage equality bill, but it seems to us that Minnesota needs more discussion about gay marriage about as badly as one of our beloved bikes needs a third wheel.

Here's an excerpt from ECM political editor Howard Lestrud's bizarrely fawning Morrison County Record piece, which makes no effort to push back against Hann's string of controversial anti-DFL claims:
A strong opponent of the same-sex marriage bill, Hann said he doesn't believe the majority of the people in the state of Minnesota wanted to see the current marriage law changed.

"I do think it will have far-reaching effects on our culture," Hann said. He said the amount of discussion on the bill was very limited considering potential effects it will have. Hann said "there was far greater debate and discussion about the Vikings stadium over the past two to three years."

Issues were not fully vetted and efforts by the opposition were shouted down on the same-sex marriage bill in the course of discussion, Hann said. He said he hopes there is an effort to have more complete consideration of what the effects of this law will be.
We obviously disagree, but on the other hand, if legislators want to provide a forum for the sort of "discussion" offered by anti-gay zealots like pastor Mike Frey, we'll be happy to keep blogging about it.

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