Nathan Jones was high on pills, embalming fluid, and pot during Mpls sex assault

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Nathan Jones
In the words of the Hennepin County attorney, on the night of May 24, 2012, a woman living on the 1600 block of Fremont Avenue North "was awakened by a strange man in her room who threatened her with a knife and forced her to engage in oral sex."

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Earlier this week, 43-year-old Nathan Jones pleaded guilty to being that man. DNA evidence recovered at the scene linked him to the crime.

Despite his guilty plea, Jones says he has no recollection of the incident. The reason? He was drunk and high on almost every drug known to man.

"According to the defendant during the plea hearing, he was high on alcohol, ecstasy, Xanax, embalming fluid, and marijuana at the time of the offense and does not recall the break-in or assault," a Hennepin County news release says. "Due to the evidence against him, he believes he is guilty of [the] offense."

Jones is expected to be sentenced to 30 years during his September sentencing.

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I'm sure some of the boys in St. Cloud can force him to give out some oral sex too, enjoy that you sick bastard!!


Read "Embalming fluid" as PCP since there is no high from doing actual embalming fluid.  It's a common misconception that liquid PCP is real embalming fluid, it isn't.

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