Pot, kettle? Richfield Menards beefing with Taco Bell over "cheap" construction design

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Menards wants Taco Bell to class it up, but what do they expect from a restaurant that sells cheese roll-ups for 79 cents?
The management of the Menards in Richfield isn't thrilled about the proposed design of a Taco Bell that plans to move in next door, alleging it looks cheap and isn't up to the high standards set by the recently redesigned Menards and other nearby businesses.

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Unless T-Bell plans to operate out of some sort of dilapidated trailer, we have our doubts about that, but in comments made last month to the Richfield City Council, Menards representative Tyler Edwards said, "the proposed Taco Bell plans incorporate very little of what the city emphasizes as upgraded facade treatments."

As the Sun Current reports, a letter from Menards management to City Manager Steve Devich characterized the panels Taco Bell wants to use for the exterior of its building as "fake rocks" that look "cheap and tacked on when they are used on buildings."

There could be something to those allegations. As the Current's report notes, the Taco Bell in question embodies new design plans the chain is rolling out. The new designs are "meant to save on construction costs and exhibit an appearance heavy on right angles and horizontal slatting, a departure from the stucco and arched windows that have been the hallmarks of Taco Bell restaurants," the Currant writes.

Still, it's not like the Richfield Mendards is the Taj Mahal in its own right.

In any event, Mendards's complaints about Taco Bell's design didn't end up persuading Richfield officials. According to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, the Richfield City Council approved the variances Border Foods needs to construct the controversial T-Bell during its most recent meeting.

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