Somebody whitewashed Midtown Greenway mural [PHOTOS]

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Artists in Storefronts -- click to enlarge
The mural as it was found yesterday morning.
:::: UPDATE :::: Hennepin County painted over Midtown Greenway mural

Artists Caw Wi Jiwa, Erin Sayer, and Yuya Negishi were on the receiving end of a major buzzkill yesterday morning when the mural they were working on along the Midtown Greenway near Sunrise Cyclery was found covered in whitewash.

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A Facebook post by Artists in Storefronts notes that the mural-makers had permission from the pertinent landowner, Sunrise Cyclery, and the Midtown Greenway Coalition. City officials say they had nothing to do with covering up the mural, and at this point it's unclear who or what entity was responsible.

Here, via Caw Wi Jiwa, is an image of the mural before it was whitewashed (click to enlarge):


Jiwa's comment on the photo, posted on Facebook after the whitewashing was discovered, simply says, "RIP."

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