South St. Paul cop allegedly hit mailboxes, cars, and gas pumps during drunken morning cruise

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Cory Slifko's mugshot
"We hold our officers to high standards, both on and off duty, and the incident that took place on Tuesday morning in Rosemount is very concerning to us all," South St. Paul's police chief said in a statement.
Sergeant Cory Slifko, a South St. Paul cop who was promoted in January, is on paid leave and facing a host of charges after he allegedly went on an off-duty drunken cruise from Farmington into Rosemount last Tuesday morning.

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Around 10:30 a.m. that day, a motorist called police to report an SUV driving erratically. The called said the vehicle had hit mailboxes and "possibly had run someone off the road," the Pioneer Press reports.

Officers caught up with the damaged SUV, with Slifko behind the wheel, at a red light.

"When the officer began chasing the SUV, it drove over the curb into a convenience store/gas station parking lot, where it hit a landscaping company's trailer, then swerved and hit the center gas pumps," the Star Tribune, citing the complaint, writes. Slifko, a 36-year-old Farmington resident, managed to drive out of the parking lot before an officer pinned his SUV against a curb.

According to the criminal complaint, when he was finally pulled over, Slifko "smelled strongly of alcohol, had an unsteady gait and had bloodshot and watery eyes." He told officers he was "very tired" and admitted to having a few drinks earlier that morning. His BAL clocked in at 0.175.

Slifko, a 13-year veteran of the South St. Paul PD, has been charged with a felony count of fleeing police, two counts of drunken driving, and criminal damage to property.

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