St. Cloud police show off 44 pounds of pot they seized yesterday [PHOTO]

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St. Cloud Police Department
St. Cloud police significantly augmented their marijuana supply with yesterday's bust.
Yesterday, following an eight-month investigation, St. Cloud police arrested 32-year-old Samlith Khongloth for slinging pot.

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Khongloth only had a pound on him at the time (along with $6,000 cash), but a search of his parents' residence turned up 44 more pounds of ganja and a handgun. Police released the above photo of Khongloth's impressive stash.

Police found more pot and $52,000 in cash during a subsequent search of Klongloth's home. Since he was known to sell near a St. Cloud middle school, he's expected to be charged with second-degree sales of controlled substances within a school zone, AM 1240 reports.
Khongloth's mugshot

According to KARE, prosecutors intend to seize all the cash they found during their searches along with Klongloth's Cadillac Escalade.

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