St. Paul man's car is stolen; daughter finds it from halfway across the world

KARE screengrab
From left to right, Katie, the fateful Facebook photo, and Jim reunited with his red Volvo.
Think Facebook is good for nothing? Think again.

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A St. Paul's man stolen car was found by his daughter, who is studying abroad in Antwerp, Belgium, thanks to a photo she saw while scrolling through the ol' newsfeed.

Jim Engelking's red Volvo disappeared from outside his Summit Hill home last Friday. His home was also burglarized. A few days later, his 21-year-old daughter Katie was browsing Facebook from halfway across the world when a friend's photo caught her eye.

"She posted this picture of a bad park job and there was this little red Volvo in it that looked exactly like my dad's car," Katie Engelking told KARE 11. "I texted to my mom and dad and said 'this is dad's car.'"

The photo was of a street outside the Goodwill on University Avenue, and when Jim arrived on the scene, his car was still there. He's since taken it back home.

St. Paul Police spokesman Howie Padilla said he doesn't know of any arrests yet being made in connection with the burglary and car theft.

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