"Superhuman" gray-haired woman steals decorative planter from Lift Bridge Brewing [VIDEO]

"I bet there's three other old ladies in the car snickering and saying 'hurry up, lift with your legs Agniss!' one Facebook commenter quipped.
In a feat of strength Lift Bridge Brewing CEO Dan Schwarz described as "unbelievable," a gray-haired lady was caught on tape stealing a $125 decorative planter from the brewery's Stillwater headquarters during the wee hours of Saturday morning.

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"She had to have superhuman strength because we actually have rocks in the bottom of it," Schwarz told the Pioneer Press. "I hate to guess at somebody's age, but she looks like she's in her late 50s or early 60s."

Here's the footage:

Lift Bridge posted a still image from the surveillance footage on its Facebook page, and the post has already generated more than 300 shares and nearly 200 comments.

The possibly-powered-by-Ensure plant-napper drove away from the scene in a white GMC/Chevy pickup, but her license plate info wasn't picked up by cameras.

Several planters were stolen from Lift Bridge last summer, and Stillwater police have received other reports of potted plants being stolen this spring and summer, the PiPress reports. Might we have an elderly serial plant thief on our hands here?

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