Thalia Benson allegedly kidnapped friend's baby, told boyfriend it was hers

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Thalia Benson and the baby she allegedly abducted, Elijah Alonzo.
St. Paul resident Thalia Benson faces up for 40 years in prison for allegedly kidnapping her friend's baby and then telling her boyfriend it was hers.

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Benson, 34, was hanging out in her friend's Brooklyn Park apartment on Monday night. Her friend, Christiana Alonzo, fell asleep on her couch with her 2-month-old son, Elijah Alonzo, but when she woke up Tuesday morning, both her child and Benson were gone.

Alonzo called Benson to ask if she had any idea where little Elijah might be, but Benson said she didn't. Alonzo then called police to report her son as missing.

Benson actually returned to Alonzo's apartment ostensibly to help with the search for Elijah. Police questioned her about the disappearance and asked if they could search her apartment. She said they could, but while she was riding back to her apartment from Brooklyn Park, family members in the car with her became suspicious about her involvement. Benson's family members later reported their suspicions to police.

Elijah was ultimately found in a car with Benson's boyfriend outside her apartment. KARE details what Benson's boyfriend told police:
When questioned the boyfriend told investigators that Benson had convinced him she was pregnant and that he was the father. He showed them a number of text messages she had sent him about the fake pregnancy and birth.

The boyfriend said Benson showed up at their apartment at midnight with the baby, then left around 4 a.m. saying she had to go buy diapers. She did not return. Later, he told police, she called and told him to leave the apartment with the baby before police arrived.

After her arrest police say Benson admitted to kidnapping the baby and telling her boyfriend the child was his.
Benson has been charged with felony kidnapping, but in a surprising twist, Alonzo apparently doesn't plan to hold a grudge. Last night, she told WCCO she plans to remain friends with Benson despite the kidnapping attempt.

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swmnguy topcommenter

Yeah, there seem to be a few levels of dysfunction and probably mental illness intertwined here.


Weird. I've spent 30 years making sure I DON'T have to tell a boyfriend I had his baby. 

Candi Olson
Candi Olson

i have broken off friendships for way less. that chick must not have 1 damn friend except the woman who stole her child.

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