The 2013 State Fair poster is less trippy than last year's [IMAGE]

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Last year, we wrote that the official State Fair poster looked "like something out of a drug-induced nightmare." This time around, those responsible for choosing the fair's official artwork apparently laid off the shrooms.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: The 2012 State Fair poster looks like something out of a drug-induced nightmare [IMAGE]

Created by Swede-turned Minnesotan Marie Olofsdotter, the 2013 poster is an example of "lyrical, magical realism."

The acrylic piece "captures agriculture as the heart of the State Fair as well as Minnesotans' rich relationship with the land," and is "inspired by State Fair posters from the late 1800s that often depicted women involved in agriculture," according to the State Fair's website.

Well, that's certainly a change from 2012's focus on a "terrifying," "zero-gravity, giant-fried-food environment," to use the words of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

Without further ado, here's Olofsdotter's piece:


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really  the best poster  i have ever seen good job


It's very .......... white.  Bring back the crazy rooster.


Last year's poster was definitely better.  Shame on CityPages for touting it as "terrifying", it was nothing of the sort, and very well done.

barbertj23 topcommenter

@Kenneth Lee Spain 
I totally agree

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