"Twat situation" Milwaukee TV chyron was doctored [IMAGE] [UPDATE]

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"Been in quite a few of those back in the day. Hairy."
-- Original post from morning of June 24; update at bottom --

In the news business, one errant letter can make a world of difference.

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The latest outlet to learn that lesson the hard way is WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee's NBC affiliate. During a report about a SWAT-involved domestic dispute on Friday, whoever takes care of the station's chyron made the unintentionally hilarious mistake of swapping a T for an S. You can see the result above.

One Facebook commenter quipped he's "Looking forward to some penetrating coverage." Another glass-half-full commenter said, "At least they didn't spell the town as 'Horewood.'"

h/t: Romenesko

:::: UPDATE ::::

The "Twat situation" chyron that allegedly appeared on WTMJ-TV was doctoed, Journal Broadcast Group executive vice president Steve Wexler wrote in an email to the Romenesko journalism blog.

"It appears that someone with too much time on their hands and a sophomoric sense of humor used software to alter the pictures and distribute them," Wexler wrote.

Here's his entire email:
As you can imagine, the purported graphic mistake during our coverage of the SWAT incident in Shorewood that you published got our attention. While we're not perfect, we do work hard to be careful, especially during fast-breaking news situations.

In this case, it appears that the photo you mentioned and linked to, was in fact a hoax.

We went through our entire coverage of Friday's events, frame-by-frame, and couldn't find the alleged error. We received no calls or complaints from viewers.

We have compared the supposed "screen shot" that you publicized to an actual shot that did make it on air. As you can see, the fonts are close but not exact replicas.

I'm not claiming that we don't sometimes make mistakes. When we do, we deserve the criticism that follows. But in this case, it appears that someone with too much time on their hands and a sophomoric sense of humor used software to alter the pictures and distribute them.

A correction and an apology seem in order.

Steve Wexler
Executive Vice President
Journal Broadcast Group
720 E. Capitol Dr.
Milwaukee, WI
And here's the doctored image alongside the chyron Wexler says actually appeared on WTMJ:

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Any photoshopper worth his salt would have kept everything and just re-used the T.

Plus - You can tell because of the pixels.

Amy Salloway
Amy Salloway

I grew up right next to Shorewood! Yikes, I hope this wasn't a case of forced entry. Maybe it was just a close shave.


@_Joe_  - "You can tell because of the pixels." - Well played.

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