Twin Cities summer solstice storms: Top 10 photos

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Herbert Stellner III
Scenes of this sort were visible throughout south Minneapolis on Saturday.
The summer of 2013 got off to a very stormy start in the Twin Cities.

Early during the morning of June 21 and again later that night, the metro was hit by windy first-day-of-summer thunderstorms that left cars crushed, houses damages, and hundreds of big old trees uprooted. At least 500,000 Xcel Energy customers experienced power outages, more than doubling the previous record.

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In the hours following the storm, many took to the streets, smartphones or cameras in tow, and documented the destruction via social media. Below the jump are the 10 most eye-catching images we saw. (To see a complete slideshow of submitted storm-damage photos, click here.)

You can enlarge some of the photos by clicking on them.

Herbert Stellner III

9. A sinkhole in Robbinsdale
Andy Meinert

8. Along Brimhall Street in St. Paul
Sara Kerr via Ben Garvin

Jennifer Brooks
Brooks's caption: "Yay, crew! Lift that tree off I think that's a house under there."

Mpls/St Paul Traffic
MSP Traffic's caption: "280 is under water at Broadway. Time to make a decision... THAT, would be the wrong decision. 94 & Broadway."

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