Vikings are still NFL's most arrested team [GRAPHIC]

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The Vikings have had more than their share of arrests, but nothing like this.
In light of allegations former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is apparently a serial killer who happened to play football, some are taking a renewed look at the number of NFL players appearing on the police blotters across the country.

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The latest numbers show that while the Vikings have certainly never employed a player accused of doing anything nearly as heinous as Hernandez, the Purple still take a backseat to no one when it comes to the sheer number of players being booked into jail since 2000.

Here's a graphic using data put together by U-T San Diego that breaks down the arrest numbers team by team (click to enlarge):


Then again, the numbers should probably be weighted based on the severity of the allegations. After all, driving drunk through a drive-thru or allegedly getting a little too wild at the club are far cries from orchestrating drive-bys and execution-style murders.

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