While training for Grandma's Half Marathon, Duluth woman has surprise baby

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John Staine noticed that as his wife, Trish, trained for the half marathon taking place on Grandma's Marathon weekend, she lost weight, and her face even looked thinner.

Which would make sense -- if Trish hadn't been, unbeknownst to the couple, carrying their third child.

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After running at least nine miles on Sunday, Trish felt sore, reports Mike Creger in the Duluth News Tribune. The Staines thought maybe she had pinched a nerve. Trish took baths and pain relievers, but by Monday, the pain continued to increase.

While John was stuck across the bay in Superior, Wisc., Trish took an ambulance to the hospital. By the time John got there, the doctor had big news: The family had expanded by one. Without realizing it, Trish had been pregnant with a baby girl, who arrived five weeks premature.

Trish had given birth before, to the couple's 7- and 11-year-olds, and the family also includes foster children. This pregnancy, John tells the Duluth News Tribune, was nothing like the first two.

The phenomenon of women who give birth without ever realizing that they were pregnant is the subject of its own TLC show, but scientifically, it's difficult to quantify.

One CNN report on the issue cites a Serbian study that estimates the situation occurs only once in every 7,225 pregnancies. The doctors who weigh in explain that it's most likely to occur among women who are in their teens or who are obese, but that other factors can include the mother's state of mind.

Despite the shock for the Staine family, both mom and baby are doing well, the Duluth News Tribune reports. Now, they have to quickly decide something that many families can spend the entire nine months of a pregnancy debating: What to name their new girl. On the top of John's list, he says, is "Miracle."

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Drewey topcommenter

This belongs in the same category as "Firearms instructor discharges gun in school".  This just in: there are really stupid people in this world.  This is not news.

Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson

A miracle or she was fing the milkman...

k2yeb topcommenter

Man, she got pregnant running through my mind all day.


I understand that elite runners often don't menstruate and might miss it at first, but how can anyone not notice ALL THE OTHER SIGNS of pregnancy as it advances?  It completely puzzles me.

Tucky Farrell
Tucky Farrell

If they name her Miracle, she'll probably be kidded by kids calling her Miracle Staine remover.


How can you not notice a missed period for several months?

Bob Alberti
Bob Alberti

See Molly? Running makes you pregnant!

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