Wis. Sen. Mary Lazich on abortions: In the '60s, "you needed to get one to become a woman" [VIDEO]

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Be glad she lives on the other side of the St. Croix.
Last week, Wisconsin lawmakers approved legislation forcing women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound before going through with a procedure to terminate their pregnancy. Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign the bill into law.

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The bill makes exceptions for pregnancies that are the result of rape or sexual abuse, but could require women who are less than 12 weeks pregnant to subject themselves to a transvaginal probe. And the legislature's "debate" spawned two memorable videos that encapsulate just how worked up abortion opponents got about the issue.

Moments before the bill was approved in the Senate in a 17-15 party-line vote, Senate President Mike Ellis, R-Neenah, angrily shouted down Democrats, pounding his gavel so hard that he actually broke the damn thing.

"You're interrupting a roll call and that will not be tolerated, sit down!" Ellis yelled at one Democrat. Here's the video:

That incident immediately followed an outrageous, highly emotional speech by Sen. Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin. Lazich claimed without substantiation that "a vast majority of women regret" having abortions.

"They killed their child and they made a horrific decision and they regret it and wish they never would have done it," she said. "It became popular in the '60s, and it was almost the thing to do --  you needed to get one of them to become a woman. And now look what those women have to go through, when they hit menopause, when they get to be about 40. It's a severe, severe attack on their mental health and on their physical health."

Here's the footage of her speech, with the quoted portion beginning around five minutes in:

The heated abortion debate occurred just days after the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia concluded that Wisconsin's economic outlook is the second grimmest of all states in the nation. Apparently, the Republican-controlled legislature there still believes focusing on social issues is a winning political strategy headed into next year's election cycle.

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Abortion linked to Economics? Rupar complains about "unsubstantiated" correlations, and then in the next paragraph goes ahead and does that exact thing.. wtf?

digitalprotocol topcommenter

how do they force the women to LOOK at the ultra sound - this seems FASCISTat the very least

swmnguy topcommenter

It's long past time we stopped putting up with nasty, bullying bullshit from people just because they use their religion as an excuse.  It's an unfortunate disadvantage of reasonable people that we allow unreasonable people to take the initiative.  When people act crazy and vicious, our first assumption is that somehow we have misunderstood, and we re-examine ourselves to try to better understand.  But no; we didn't misunderstand.  These people are just being vicious, crazy bullies, and now they've got a head start on us.  Having gotten there first, they immediately consolidate their power and ram it down everybody's throats, because that's all they wanted to do in the first place.  It was our mistake to give them the benefit of the doubt in the first place, but that is what reasonable people do.

That's good and we need to keep doing it.  But it's also time to stop tolerating these loonies once they make themselves clear as to who they are.

atrupar moderator

@j.reiter The point is simply that there are probably other matters besides abortion Republicans could be devoting their energies to. You know, like trying to drag Wisconsin's job market out of the ditch, for example.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@swmnguy What do you expect from conservatives?   They are nothing but whiny babies.  Kenny has only two things to talk about, how bad non white people are and how bad it is that liberals aren't more civil to him.  Cin loves to post insults and racism on one story and then whine about civility the next.   These religious bigots are just more of the same.  They think freedom of speech means they get to say anything they want no matter how stupid or bigoted and you can't make fun of them.  My only question is this whiny victimhood stupidity or hypocrisy?   


What?  Was that a drinking in the middle of the day juxtaposition?


@atrupar, I agree. but the abortion issue is important; the current law is too open; if you believe in Socialism then you should theoretically believe in helping people make responsible decisions.  Allowing a woman to not be held accountable for aborting a baby is not responsible (No free pass on the emotions).

As for the economy, it's only bad in Milwaukee, that where the corrupt politicians from Chicago like to dump their disempowered and single mothers.

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