Wisconsin newspaper censors "vagina" in Vagina Monologues ad [IMAGE]

Maybe they would've been more comfortable with the Birth Canal Monologues?
The word "vagina" is apparently too racy for whoever is running the show at the Ashland Daily Press, as it was censored from an ad for an upcoming Vagina Monologues production in Washburn, Wisconsin.

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The ad, which ran yesterday, covered up the word "vagina" with a string of Xs. It also censored the description of the production submitted by Stage North to remove the words "sex," "rape," "menstruation," "masturbation," and "orgasm."

Here, via Jezebel, is the ad as it appeared in the newspaper:

And here's the unedited version Stage North wanted to run (click to enlarge, and note how the text below the dates was altered in the version that was actually published):


Jezebel contacted the Daily Press for comment but didn't hear back. On the Stage North Facebook page, the moderator says an employee at the newspaper told the theater they "would only run the ad as modified by them."

"We [were] given the choice to pull the ad or run it like this," the moderator writes. "We felt that this show is too important not to run the ad."

On the same thread, a woman who says she used to work for the Daily Press writes that editors "were just trying to avoid the hundreds of calls and complaints they would have gotten had they printed as is." We know Wisconsin is strange, but nobody over there would really be offended merely by seeing the anatomically correct word for female genitalia in print, right?

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