225 DWI arrests over July 4 holiday

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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety considers July 4 the deadliest day of the year. And with good reason: Over the past five years, 19 have died on the roads on Independence Day.

Alcohol is the clear culprit of the holiday danger.

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Usually, 30 percent of annual traffic deaths in Minnesota are drunk-driving related. But on the five July Fourths between 2008 and 2012, that rate jumped to 65 percent.

In an effort to discourage after-fireworks drunk driving, this year, the state announced plans to ramp up DWI patrols over the holiday. And while there's not yet word on how many traffic fatalities Minnesota saw on July 4, troopers' increased presence netted plenty of over-the-limit drivers.

Since Wednesday, there have been about 225 DWI arrests in the state, according to DPS spokesman Bruce Gordon. Those tickets carry with them hefty punishments that can include license suspension, thousands of dollars in fines, and even jail time.

If that -- and saving lives -- isn't enough of a reminder to stay off the road after a few beers, here's another one: The extra DWI patrols will continue tonight in the Twin Cities.

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digitalprotocol topcommenter

doesnt seem like a whole lot of arrests for entire state... get it together POLICE

k2yeb topcommenter

Wait until they lower it to .05, so they can buy better guns and cars than the insane inventory they already possess. It seems to be too many cops think law enforcement means the laws they can profit from. 

And yes, DD is horrible but its as much rooted in poor mass transportation, our nations unhealthy relationship with booze, and mental problems as people deciding to ya know....kill poor kids on the way home from bible study. 

CinBlueland topcommenter

Really, there are that many dumb asses still out there? They told you in advance there would be additional enforcement. 

Really, this isn't I had a glass of wine and left "resturant' This is I got hammered and still thought I could drive.

Truth_Teller_1 topcommenter

Sure is easier than catching real criminals.   Plus it's a revenue generator for the state!

Kathie Carlson
Kathie Carlson

way to go law enforcement keeps up the good work

Sammy L Cater
Sammy L Cater

225 arrested 300+ got away with it :'( .... all fun in games till you kill a fam of 4 and there dog, DD=scum

Carie Bosch
Carie Bosch

yeah dudes, just don't do it. it's not worth. trust me on this one.

Truth_Teller_1 topcommenter

Many of 20 / 30 somethings who read this rag have been brain washed into caring about crap - like gay marriage / DWI / Twins / Vikes / the 'new' food truck - to name a few.

Mean while the NSA accumlates our personal data about credit cards / internet usage / phone calls.  Now we have learned that they image every communication that goes through the US mail.   I'm amazed after Snowden blew the whistle, they keep doing it - any nobody seems to care that their Fourth Admendment Rights have been ignored.

This is the brainwash of the MSM and government schools.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@East_Coast_Doug   meanwhile is one word dog.

brainwashed into caring about crap like DWI, Twins , Vikes  -- WTF are you talking about

Snowden is deadman, he is irrelevent.

government schools  hahahahahahaahahahah

i went to all private school dog

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