Alleged juggalo terrorist longed for "cowboy days" when "everyone carried a gun"

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Bucky Rogers, sans juggalo getup. 
According to a newly unsealed affidavit in the federal firearms case against alleged juggalo terrorist Buford "Bucky" Rogers, the 24-year-old Montevideo resident longed to return to the "cowboy days" when "everyone carried a gun," and he sought to get there, in part, by raiding a nearby National Guard armory.

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That information came from a former friend and member of Rogers's "Black Snake Militia" who became an FBI informant after he was alarmed by the realization that Rogers really intended to carry out a violent terrorist plot.

Rogers and the informant [aka, Witness 1] first met at an "Arizona powwow" in the fall or winter of 2012. FBI Special Agent Marc Rensch's affidavit describes how their first conversation went.

"At the powwow, Witness 1 had been talking with another friend about his dissatisfaction with both the poor economy and the current government," Rensch wrote. "Buford overheard this conversation and joined in, stating he hated the president and desired a return to the 'cowboy days' where everyone carried a gun. Witness 1 believed Buford was attempting to recruit people into a 'protest movement.'"

The informant dropped out of college in January and ended up busing up to Minnesota to spend some time with Rogers. Once he arrived in Minnesota, he discovered that Rogers and his tiny militia, made up mostly of his family members, were more radical than he anticipated.

"[I]t became clear to Witness 1 that the group was not just an ordinary protest group or militia movement," the affidavit says. "Buford talked regularly about his plans to use his 'Black Snake Militia' to cut off connections to the city of Montevideo, to 'take out' a radio tower, to block communications to the city, to raid the National Guard armory, and to attack the police station."

The Pioneer Press, citing the affidavit, explains the informant's falling out with Rogers and his decision to turn to the feds:
On April 29 or 30, Rogers "told Witness 1 he wanted to initiate his attack on the city the following weekend. Witness 1 told Buford he would not do this as he 'was not a killer'. Buford said that was 'OK' and 'he did not have to,' " the affidavit says.

The informant's girlfriend -- who was visiting the Rogers family -- claimed she overheard Rogers tell others that "Witness 1 'knew too much' so they had to 'take him out. ' " The woman told her boyfriend about the conversation, and early on April 29, they snuck out of the mobile home and returned to San Antonio, where they lived...

Two days after that alleged conversation, the informant went to police. And two days after that, lawmen, including an FBI SWAT team in armored vehicles, raided the mobile home and a nearby storage shed.
The informant told the FBI about the wide range of explosives and weapons he'd seen at Rogers's mobile home, and indeed, a significant arsenal was found there once feds obtained a search warrant.

Rogers has been indicted by a federal grand jury on weapons- and explosives-related charges, but he hasn't been charged with anything in connection to the alleged terrorist plot.

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Another scare tactic by the FBI. You may remember columbine? Back then on top of everyones shit list was Marilyn Manson. Drop that name and holy shit you would sell a ton of news papers and get high ratings in the news. Make a lame loose connection that he had something to do with it and o boy watch the average everyday uneducated dumbasses of america get pissed because its not something they would enjoy. This is no different, The case is so pitiful is ridiculous and have yet to come with any proof this guy is a juggalo or a terrorist. As far as public knowledge of this case is, he hasn't committed a crime but if you count freedom of speech a crime then yes. This kid isnt very smart ether, everyone has guns now days even more so than the "wild west". Stockpiling and preparing for "something", its a fad. Everyones doing it, so why are you not blaming discovery channel for teaching us how? OR all the zombie movies for fueling this fad? Its because in this day and age you have nothing better to do than bitch instead of making things better. Take the easy way out and Scare everyone into thinking speaking up for yourself will land you a terrorist. 

swmnguy topcommenter

There are more guys like this out there in rural America than most of us know.  And the truth is, they're mostly harmless, except to themselves and anyone silly enough to hang around with them.  The issues here have mostly to do with class, but in America you can't talk about class without getting race into the mix, and then there will be a fascination with weaponry of one sort or another, and a very confused cosmology of government and conspiracies and who knows what.  When the official cultural mythology is one of the self-reliant loner who wins out over all, you have to have an alternate mythology that explains what happens when the self-reliant loner loses, or isn't very good at being self-reliant, or gets sidetracked and smashed by a corrupt system that very shrewdly parrots the mythology but actually undermines it and profits off the gullibility of rubes.

Yeah, I knew a few of these guys growing up.  One was Steve Jenkins (now Anderson, I believe).  He actually killed a few people, but he was very damaged.  He was your average 18 year-old farm kid with tattoos all over and a shaved head, who did nothing but shoot guns, make bombs, and talk about how he was going to join the Marine Corps and get better at killing.  The story I heard was that the Marines wouldn't take him because there was something wrong with his toes, but I'm guessing they could see crazy when it was in front of them raving.

But  this dude Rogers actually seems pretty tame and unimaginative as these guys go, in this day and age of internet nuttery, right-wing victim mythology, dog-whistle and overt racist paranoia, and a collapsing economy for those less than well-educated.  If Rogers could come up with a decent lawyer we'd no doubt learn how much the FBI informants were getting paid to provoke him to say the magic word that gets him over that line and enables a career-making bust for an FBI agent.  These guys are dumb enough they say this stuff all the time, but it can be surprisingly and frustratingly difficult to get them to say the right words in the right order to fit the warrant.  As with every other "terror" plot busted up by the White Knights in the nick of time, it's as bogus as any other media script.   Too bad he's probably too dumb, too broke, and too suspicious of educated people to get a decent lawyer.

Alex Browne
Alex Browne

Because anybody that still thinks the ICP juggalo shit is cool has mental issues and should be locked up.

Edward Bertsch
Edward Bertsch

Why is he a juggalo terrorist but we never hear about Lil Wayne terrorists?

Alex Browne
Alex Browne

Someone is planning a terrorist plot and you wait two days before going to the police?




Brad Bergerson
Brad Bergerson

This is exactly the type of person who should not carry.


Wow. One thing I dislike about our current POTUS (& I agree with about 90% of what he does) is that nutjobs, violet crazy nutjobs like this seem to come out under their caves for some reason. Of course thats not Obama's fault, at the same time it's scary.

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson

Sounds like someone should have just stayed in the trailer and smoked a little bit more meth.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@orangevening1 That is not Obama's fault.  That is the fault of the cowardly Republican party.  Rush Limbaugh and Fox News race bait and pander to the crazy and the stupid.   Cowards like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Mitt Romney don't call out the right wing nutjobs and this is the result.   Have you paid attention to who Republicans elect?   Michele Bachmann isn't alone.  They are not a sane or responsible party.  Anyone that votes for any Republican is an idiot.  They are nothing but bigots and conmen.  

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