City Pages makes Buzzfeed's Minneapolis list -- twice

Buzzfeed is out with another of its zany "you know you're from this city" lists, and this time it's Minneapolis' turn for the local in-jokes.

But the darling of your Facebook friends could have summed it all up with the answer "if you read City Pages," because they sought inspiration in our pages not once but twice.

First they called out our recent cover story, Here Comes a Regular: An oral history of the CC Club:
Then they borrowed a picture from our Diablo Cody cover story to comment on our wayward columnist's stripperly ways:
Overall, it's a lot better guide to our fair city than that terrible Reuters story from a few weeks back. But is there anything they left out? Let us know in the comments -- we know Buzzfeed is reading.

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Why are we so obsessed with these lists about what people think of us?  Are we collectively that insecure? 

Edward Bertsch
Edward Bertsch

Cc club plus some chick who used to work at the skyway lounge? Another slow news day at city pages...


We should all be ashamed of #9. This is not the bible belt.

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