Canadian legislator Mike Allen resigns after he's busted in St. Paul prostitution sting

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In St. Paul for government business, Allen wound up behind bars.
Mike Allen, a member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, resigned from the Progressive Conservative Caucus (could you imagine a more self-contradictory name for a political group?) after he became the latest public figure ensnared in the St. Paul PD's now-familiar prostitution sting.

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Allen, 51, was one of 13 busted Monday evening in the same style of sting operation that previously resulted in the arrests of Hill-Murray football coach (and Joe Mauer's cousin) Mark Mauer and Rob Fulton, the former director of the St. Paul-Ramsey County Public Health Department.

The way it works is simple. St. Paul police place a fake sex-solicitation ad on, wait for dudes to respond, and then meet them at a hotel. When the johns arrive, they're arrested.

It's straightforward, but effective -- and potentially devastating to the careers of those caught up in it.

Davis, first elected to the Alberta legislature last year, resigned from his party's caucus immediately (he'll continue serving for now as an independent), and released a statement apologizing for "failing to live up to the standards expected of me and the standards I expect of myself."

"I made this mistake as a result of a profound lapse in my personal judgment. It is a mistake for which there are no excuses and for which I accept full responsibility," Allen's statement continues. "This is deeply embarrassing moment and all I can say is that I am sorry and I humbly ask for forgiveness. I will work long and hard to regain the trust of the many I have let down."

Allen was booked into jail on suspicion of engaging in prostitution, a gross misdemeanor, but when he arrived back in Edmonton late yesterday he hadn't been charged with anything. St. Paul police said yesterday that attorneys are still reviewing the incident.

Leaders of opposing political parties are already calling for Allen, who was in St. Paul on a taxpayer-funded trip to the Council of State Governments' Midwestern Legislative Conference, to resign from the legislature.

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MNjoe topcommenter

Good job, City of St. Paul,  You have residents getting their heads stomped by the groups of gang-bangers congregating on the streets and this is the sting you set up?  How about if you fucking cowards set a up a sting or two of a young white guy passing a crowd of young thugs and see if you can grab a few of them when the shit starts to fly? As I said, fucking cowards.


"Progressive Conservative" isn't contradictory at all when you consider Canadian Political History.

Next time take two minutes and look up the wikipedia page. 


City of Minneapolis,

It's one thing to bust these Johns that partake in these activities and it is very appreciated. 


But it would be GREAT if you could shut down the number of so called "in call" locations throughout our city that also are marketed on these back pages:

Living just off 15th and Nicollet in one of the many apartment complexes in the Loring Park area, we see countless Johns going in and out what has been confirmed as massage parlors and or prostitution houses above and behind the 15th St. Market. at 1500 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Many residence in the neighborhood have contacted the police on many occasions as there is a children's school located very close by.

As a mother I've noticed children and my children asking "why are there so many nice cars coming in and out of our neighborhood and what are the men with the nice cars doing"? It becomes difficult to lie when with the exception of a Somali owned and operated coffee and pastry shop and the 15th St. Market, there really is no justifiable reason for these cars being parked on the streets for an hour or two at a time shuffling in and out all day.

One thing positive to say in the past few years we've seen some positive growth in the area with the continued building of new beautiful apartments and condos. Hoping this will push these negative and illegal establishments out of our neighborhood?

Any information anyone has on the local police or any agency working to rid our beautiful city and neighborhoods of this rarely talked about problem is very appreciated.

Thank You

Tired of Prostitution in Our Neighborhoods 

swmnguy topcommenter

@HappierEnding  I lived in the house on 15th St., near the S.E. corner of Loring Park, from about 1987-1993.  I wish that traffic had dissipated in that amount of time.  Clearly it has not.  It wasn't new then, either. 

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