Christian conservative leader accidentally sent Michele Bachmann a vibrator, report says

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Michele might've been making more O-faces had the "female pleasure machine" actually arrived at her doorstep.
Rex Elsass, CEO of one of America's leading Christian conservative political consulting firms, the Strategy Group for Media, accidentally mailed his best-known female client a vibrator earlier this year, according to a BuzzFeed report.

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Blame for the gaffe reportedly falls at the feet of a Strategy Group employee who couldn't tell the difference between a head massager and a lady parts massager. Consider it further evidence that some conservatives really need to loosen up and live a little bit, or at least take a sex education class somewhere along the line.

Here's an excerpt the BuzzFeed report, which is ultimately about recently released email and text message correspondence shedding light on "the infighting and organizational disarray" that has plagued the Strategy Group this year:
[A]n email thread from May 29... featured Strategy Group's former voter-contact consultant P.J. Wenzel making reference to Elsass sending "female pleasure machines" to Bachmann. The emails don't elaborate on the incident, but one person familiar with the story told BuzzFeed that Elsass had intended to give Bachmann a vibrating head massager to help alleviate her migraines, and that the employee he sent to buy the gift accidentally purchased something that more closely resembled a sex toy -- and sent it to her office.

[Rick Tyler, the recently installed president of Strategy Group] said the item in question was purchased at Brookstone and was not a sex toy, but he declined to provide further information about the product. (Brookstone announced in 2011 that it had begun selling "pleasure objects.")

The person familiar with the story said the firm successfully retrieved the gift before Bachmann could open it.
For Bachmann's sake, Strategy Group workers probably should've just let the "female pleasure machine" arrive at her home. After all, as we told you about earlier this year, it doesn't sound like she's getting much satisfaction from Marcus these days.

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