Dave Ryan's Twitter rant leads to Dept. of Ed pulling ads from Clear Channel stations

Ryan's "humor" drew the ire of state officials.
KDWB radio show host Dave Ryan cost his bosses some money yesterday with a meant-to-be-funny Twitter rant that seriously offended the Minnesota Department of Education.

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Yesterday morning, Ryan posted a tweet asking his followers to "Tweet me anything, your city, your school, etc and I'll make fun of it via Twitter. #gift #YoureWelcome." And as he'd subsequently demonstrated, he wasn't kidding.

Ryan took shots at area schools, made fun of teen pregnancies, and mocked redneck meth users. Here's a sampling of his tweets (to see his full rant, click to page two -- the offending tweets hadn't been deleted as of this morning):


Particularly offended was the Minnesota Department of Education, which released a statement penned by Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius yesterday evening announcing they're pulling their public service announcements from all Clear Channel stations (KDWB is owned by Clear Channel).

"I find it troubling that anyone -- especially an adult -- would use social media or any platform to make light of serious issues facing young people or to perpetuate stereotypes. This is the kind of behavior that we teach our children is wrong," Cassellius wrote.

Ryan hasn't addressed the situation, but on his Twitter account this morning, he was back to making fun of fat people. So, business as usual.

Click to page two to read all of Ryan's controversial tweets.

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